Saunas, barrel saunas, oval saunas, steam rooms

Saunas, barrel saunas, oval saunas, steam rooms


Sometimes, living longer and better doesn’t take as much as one might think. If you want to add numbers to your years and enjoy better cardiovascular health while doing it, going to a sauna is for you! It is recommended to visit a sauna at least four times a week. The tradition of Finnish saunas, characterized by their simplicity, has been passed on for a thousand years. The air in the sauna is hot and dry, made temporarily humid by throwing water onto warmed stones. The sauna is heated until the temperature rises to 70–100 °C. It has multilevel benches, where one can choose a spot to sit that has just the right amount of heat for them. After each turn of sitting on the sauna bench, it is nice to cool oneself by bathing in cool water or being in the open air. Moments spent in the sauna cannot be rushed – one has to take the time to thoroughly enjoy the relaxation.


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Glass sauna/module sauna HEY 1 one room

SKU: 110 ,   roof covering: red
From 17880,00 €

Barrel sauna/steam room RON 1 with one room

SKU: 97 ,   roof covering: red
From 2560,00 €

Barrel sauna/steam room RON 2 with half-moon window

SKU: 142 ,   roof covering: red
From 2945,00 €

Barrel sauna/steam room RON 3 with fullmoon window

SKU: 224 ,   roof covering: red
From 3325,00 €

Barrel sauna/steam room RON 4 with half-moon + fullmoon window

SKU: 225 ,   roof covering: red
From 3800,00 €

Sauna/steam room HALDEN XXS with one room

SKU: 950 ,   roof covering: red
4470,00 €

Sauna HALDEN L with two rooms

SKU: 951 ,   roof covering: red
7688,00 €

Sauna HANKO with two room

SKU: 952 ,   roof covering: red
5796,00 €

Barrel sauna/steam room LEON with one room

SKU: 350 ,   roof covering: red
From 1800,00 €

Oval sauna EVEREST with one room

SKU: 886 ,   roof covering: red
From 6030,00 €

Oval sauna ELBRUS with three rooms

SKU: 885 ,   roof covering: red
From 7445,00 €

Barrel sauna REY 1 with one room

SKU: 362 ,   roof covering: red
From 1989,00 €

Barrel sauna REY 2 with one moon

SKU: 363 ,   roof covering: red
From 1990,00 €

Barrel sauna REY 3 with one room

SKU: 364 ,   roof covering: red
From 2700,00 €

Barrel sauna REY 4 with one room

SKU: 365 ,   roof covering: red
From 2760,00 €

Barrel sauna REY 5 with terrace

SKU: 367 ,   roof covering: red
2460,00 € (17%)
From 2980,00 €

Barrel sauna REY 6 with two rooms

SKU: 366 ,   roof covering: red
From 2945,00 €

Barrel sauna REY 7 with two rooms

SKU: 765 ,   roof covering: red
From 2850,00 €

Barrel sauna ARARAT with half-moon window

SKU: 894 ,   roof covering: red
From 3926,00 €

Barrel sauna MONT-BLANC with half-moon window

SKU: 893 ,   roof covering: red
From 5313,00 €