Payment methods


You can pay for your order at once:

1. Through a bank link

If you wish to make a 100% prepayment for the goods, you can pay directly through a bank link. Please note that without an ID card or mobile ID, it is not possible to pay more than 200 EUR at a time.      

After completing the order, click on the desired bank link, which will direct you to your chosen online bank. Insert your username and passwords and enter the online bank. In the online bank, you will see a pre-prepared payment order, which includes the amount payable for the products ordered. Confirm or cancel the payment order. When you have confirmed the payment order, leave the online bank by clicking on the button “Return to merchant”. After the payment has been made for the products, an order confirmation will be issued to you and the preparation of the ordered goods will be undertaken.

2. Payment in cash

It is also possible to pay for the order at our office. Prior agreement is necessary.

3. Payment in instalments with Liisi Read more         

LIISI helps you in the acquisition of necessary goods. You can choose the amount of downpayment and the term of contract best suited to you. After you have made the first downpayment and returned the signed contracts, the fulfilment of your order will begin and the goods will be delivered in accordance with the reported delivery time. Paying in instalments helps to plan your spending. You can use the necessary product already today and there is no need for tedious saving. You can submit an application when you have placed all the desired products in the shopping cart, selected Liisi payments in instalments, filled in your data and clicked on the “Send” button. Upon request, we will deliver the goods to the address you provided.

4. Payment for the order with a credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD)      

It is also possible to pay for the goods with a credit card. After completing the order, you will be directed to the Bank Card Centre. There, a pre-prepared payment order will be displayed, which includes the amount payable. We recommend paying with a credit card if you wish to pay the entire amount (100%) of the total order value. Once you have entered your card number, security code (3-digit code on the back of the card) and the expiration date of the card, the Bank Card Centre will authorize the transaction in your bank.