Barrel sauna REY 7 with two rooms

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Barrel sauna REY 7 with two rooms


  • barrel sauna measurements: L 2050 mm x S 4000 mm x H 2150 mm
  • with two rooms
  • material: 42 mm/28 mm, spruce 
  • sauna bed and grate areas: alder
  • floor grates material: spruce/thermowood
  • door: L 590 mm x H 1650 mm (laminated wood), 8 mm bronze glass
  • window: L 300 mm x H 665 mm
  • chimney: fire and heat resistant, stainless CE (not included)
  • woodburning sauna stove Harvia M (not included)
  • ventilation holes
  • drain traps
  • fire and heat resistant plate
  • two benches on the terrace and front room
  • roof material: black, brown, red, green
  • roof slats: natural wood
  • capacity: 4-7 people
  • weight: 1020 kg
  • package measurements (kit): L 4050 mm x S 1200 mm x H 1200 mm


Options (not included):

  • hot water heater 30 l, stainless CE, fireproof, with tap
  • thermowood
  • LED-lighting, warm light
  • electric stove Harvia 4,5 or 9 kw
  • Harvia sauna stones. Color: grey, black
  • electric sauna stove HUUM 4,5 kw or 9 kw. Drop is the first heater in the HUUM portfolio. Drop is inspired by the purest thing in nature – a drop of water.
    Every drop of water thrown on the heater will give you perfect steam.
    The unique design of the Drop heater maximizes the heat,
    keeps the stones hot longer and delivers a better experience.
  • HUUM sauna stones. Color: grey
  • control panel HUUM UKU. Temperatures: 50-110 C, mobile application (Android, iOS), web application, connectable to lights, ventilation or steamer, temperature sensor and overheating protection, door sensor, child safety lock, timer. Main module: 142x90x58 mm, remote control: 105x55x22 mm
    color: brown, black
  • Harvia illuminated bucket. The transformator is in a connecting box, witch must be installed on the sauna wall, max. 300 mm from sauna floor. Volume of bucket: 7 litres. Electrical connections, 230 V to transformator, 12 V from transformator to base.
  • coloring outside with lazure: black, dark grey, light grey, dark brown, light brown
  • inside colored with Saunaoil




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Illuminated LED bucket

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