Playground extra-module SWING 2

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Playground extra-module SWING 2


  • module measurements: L 2795 mm x S 2501 mm x H 2172 mm
  • safety area: L 6795 mm x S 6501 mm
  • color: treated


INPUIT LLC produces playgrounds consisting of a wide variety of attractions, allowing children to enjoy different sizes of playgrounds that are pleasant and enjoyable for their development. Playful and joyful movement develops the child's nervous system, has a calming effect, increases courage, develops self-confidence, and develops the child's physical ability. The playground offers a diverse range of activities for the child, a sense of space, and balance. Outdoor games teach the child through a play: persistence, dexterity, creativity, communication with peers and taking them into account. It is important that playgrounds are safe, versatile and developing. With our playgrounds, you can make your home garden very enjoyable and exciting.

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